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Think cruising isn’t for you?

Here’s why you’re WRONG!

Do you think cruising isn’t for you?

We thought so too, before our friends dragged us on our first cruise, we have never looked back!

Jennie Bond is now so enamoured of cruises she has lost count of how many wonderful trips she and her husband have had on board a variety of fabulous ships.

MSC Orchestra

It is always nice when you read of a non-believer converting to become a cruise addict like the rest of us who happily sail on the seven seas.

In this article from:, Jennie Bond says she’s now addicted to life on the ocean waves.

I particularly like this comment:

“Sitting in the spacious Chart Room of Cunard’s Queen Victoria, sipping brandy while listening to a string quartet of talented young women wearing elegant evening gowns, my husband Jim turned to me and said: ‘I wonder where everyone is?’

We were in near solitude.

The answer is that there are so many places to be and things to do on a cruise ship that it’s often hard to believe there are two or three thousand fellow passengers on board.”

We have always been able to find a quiet spot on a cruise ship to enjoy a range of entertainment and indulge in the odd drink or two.

One of our favourite times onboard is pre dinner drink time.

Nearly every cruise ship has a quiet bar, where gentle background music can be enjoyed whilst sipping on your favourite cocktail.

Make mine a margarita!

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