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Norwegian Fjord Cruises

Cruise lines visiting the Norwegian Fjords include Celebrity, P&O, Disney and Fred Olsen.

Thinking of taking a Norwegian Fjord Cruise, but not quite sure whether to go ahead and book?

Uncertain whether it’s for you?

What the weather will be like?

What you will do when you get there?

Will you need to book excursions or can you ‘do it yourself’?

We made copious notes on our recent cruise to the Norwegian Fjords, so read on for our hints and tips of what to do at each port of call.

Norwegian Fjords

Norwegian Fjords

Norwegian Fjord Cruises Book

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Introduction to Norwegian Fjord Cruises

Excursions on Fjords cruises, like everything else in Norway, are expensive. They are often a combination of scenic views and visits to nearby attractions or examples of traditional Norwegian buildings.

Some of these can be done independently, others would be more difficult to do. If budget is a consideration for you, our advice would be to think carefully about which sights the excursion includes and decide how much you really want to visit them.

Investigate if there is a cheaper way that you could visit any that really appeal and consider if you could happily miss out on some.

If you like scenic views, think about whether there is another way you could get to that viewpoint….could you walk, take a local bus, taxi, funicular or a tourist bus?


Busy cities, such as Oslo, with lots to do may call for an extra early start. This is always worthwhile if you are planning to ‘do it yourself’ as it allows you plenty of time to enjoy your day sightseeing and make sure that you are back at the ship in plenty of time before sail away.

Oslo Town Hall

Oslo Town Hall

At smaller ports, such as Geiranger, you may be able to make a later and more relaxed start, but your stay may be shorter so careful planning may still be essential to make the most of your time.

That said, excursions may well be the answer for you. They will often combine attractions or sights that you may find difficult to view in one day independently and can provide a much more relaxed way to spend your day. You will also be guaranteed to return to the ship in advance of sail away, something you must bear in mind if doing your own sightseeing.

Always take note of the time you need to be back on board, plan your day accordingly, take the ship’s contact details with you in case of delay and enough money for a taxi back if needed.

Geiranger fjord

Geiranger fjord



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