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Cruises to Valencia

Cruises to Valencia allows you to explore the City of Arts and Sciences

With its futuristic structures including a planetarium, an oceanarium, an interactive museum and the Old Town, Valencia has enough to keep you occupied for several visits.

Cruises to Valencia - futuristic structures

Valencia Futuristic Structures

Valencia port is quite a way from the city centre; most cruise lines provide a shuttle bus which will take you from the ship to within a short walk of the old town. There may be a small charge for this – 4 euro each way on our 2016 visit.

Cruises to Valencia Port

Valencia Port

An alternative is to take the free shuttle provided by the Port Authority to the terminal building. The cruise lines may not want to advertise this but it does exist and will probably be lined up with the other shuttle buses, but at the far end.

Valencia Port Bus

Valencia Port Bus

At the terminal building you’ll find tourist information and help with finding the local buses, which run regularly to the city centre – 1.50 euro each way.

Valencia Port Terminal

Valencia Port Terminal

For a direct route to the centre take the no. 4 and for the Science Park the no. 95, which confusingly goes in the opposite direction and only takes about 10 mins.

Local Bus Information

Local Bus Information

Local Bus Stops

Local Bus Stops

We loved the Science Park on our visit – set in Valencia’s Jardins del Tura, the buildings here are quite spectacular. We spent about an hour wandering around the site taking photographs, walking through the Museum and stopping for a coffee en route.

Cruises to ValenciaCruises to Valencia

Valencia futuristic buildings

Valencia Science Museum

The rest of our day was spent at L’Oceanografic, which surprised us by being mostly underground and pleasantly air conditioned – most welcome on a very hot day.

Valencia OceanograficValencia Oceanografic Dolphins Valencia Oceanografic penguins Valencia Oceanografic underwater tunnel
It’s possible to buy good value combined tickets to include L’ Oceanografic, the Museum and L’Hemisferic which we reckon you could just about squeeze into a day with an early start if you have enough energy!

TOP TIP for 

Cruises to Valencia:

Keep cool on a hot day by visiting the air conditioned L’ Oceanografic.
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