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Cruises to Koper

Visit the Medieval port first established in the Roman Empire

Cruise lines visiting Koper include Marella Cruises, NCL and Princess Cruises.

Cruises to Koper are often included as part of an exploration of the Adriatic.

If it is your first visit here you can spend a very agreeable few hours in Koper itself without having to book an excursion or worry about travelling anywhere.

Once you leave the port you will just need to cross over the road and climb up the steps, these are marked on the map below. If you are unable to climb up the steps, follow the road and enter the city opposite the harbour via Kidriceva Ulica street.

The Medieval city centre is a scenic place to visit with some chic shops (although if you arrive on a Sunday these will be closed) and attractions such as the 15th-century Praetorian Palace which is home to the tourist office. This is located in the centre of the old city in Tito Square (Titov trg).

Free guided tours take place regularly, just ask in the office and they will tell you when the next one is due.

In the city square you will also find the Cathedral of the Assumption which was built in the 12th century.

Next to the Cathedral is the Campanile, you are able to climb the bell tower for approximately 2 euros.

Koper Campanile

Koper Campanile

There are super views from the top across the old city and of the harbour .

The picture shows the Thomson Spirit moored in Koper.

Koper Harbour

Koper Harbour with Thomson Spirit

In this square you will also find a small supermarket (open on Sundays) where you can stock up on drinks and snacks.

As you stroll back from the centre towards the port you will find a beachside bar or two where you can chill out on a comfy sofa and sample the local beer. The beach is a lively place, good for swimming and popular with locals, especially at the weekend. The location of the beach is marked on the above map.

You can find out more about Koper from the Municipality of Koper website.

Excursions on offer for cruises to Koper

One of the most famous tourist attractions in Slovenia are the Postojna Caves.

The caves have been created over centuries by the Pivka River, creating over 21kms of tunnels and halls displaying superb stalagmites

But don’t worry you are not expected to walk  all that distance, a train takes you deep inside the caves.

Further information can be found at the Postojna Caves website.

Postojna caves

Postojna caves

Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia, is offered as a day excursion by cruise lines due to it being approximately 110km from Koper.

Ljubljana has a rich Medieval heritage, with it’s buildings displaying a range of architecture influence from the Renaissance, Baroque and Art Nouveau periods.

Most excursions will have a guided tour and some free time to explore on your own.

TOP TIP for 

Cruises to Koper:

Staying in Koper, climb the Campanile Tower for superb views over the city.



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