Mediterranean Cruise Advice

Cruise ships in Venice

Cruise ships in Venice can dock at one of two basins; Marittima or San Basilio, the dis-embarkation process is different for each basin.

Also the route to reach the Peoplemover Train that will take you from the port to Piazzale Roma in order to catch a Vaporetto along the Grand Canal will vary depending on where you berth.

Check out our Cruises to Venice page for more detail on how to visit the main attractions in Venice using public transport.

So it is always useful to see where your cruise ship is likely to dock when in Venice.

The map below shows all the ships currently in the Port of Venice.

The dark blue diamonds represents passenger ships, if you hover over the diamonds you will see the name of the ship, clicking on the diamond will display information about the ship, where it is heading together with a photo of the ship.

Unfortunately there is not a webcam overlooking the cruise terminal itself, however this webcam gives a great view over the Basilica of Santa Maria della Salute, from the Hotel Danieli, Venice.

This will show the cruise ships as they sail in and out of Venice.



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