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Cruises to Mykonos

Jewel of the Aegean – See windmills and sugar-cube houses

Cruise lines visiting Mykonos include Celebrity, Marella Cruises, Disney, Princess Cruises, Royal Caribbean and Fred Olsen.

Cruises to Mykonos allow you to take a step back in time and chill.

One of the joys of having an outside cabin is pulling back the curtains in the morning (or walking onto your balcony) for that first look at a new destination.

The early morning light of Mykonos is something quite special, so even if you have an inside cabin, be sure to get on deck as early as you can.


Mykonos is a popular holiday destination with its sugar-cubed houses and whitewashed windmills that glisten in the sun. Despite the influx of tourist, Mykonos has remained unspoilt.

Most of the cruise ships dock at the new port in Tourlos, which is approximately 1.5 miles from Mykonos Town, about a 30 minute walk that can be tough in the summer sun.

Some of the smaller ships do use the old port which is much closer to the town (approx 10 minute walk).

If there are several ships in on the same day your ship may moor in the bay and tender you to the old port.

From the new port, you can use the cruise shuttle bus to Mykonos Town, which drops you off on the edge of the town.

Mykonos is best explored on foot, although the narrow streets are laid out like a labyrinth and it is easy to lose your way, but it is fun.

On our visit we ended up stuck behind a donkey trying to do a 3-point turn!

The town has several tiny churches, plenty of shops and cafes. There is also a small thin strip of beach which is popular for swimming with cruise passengers.

One of the most famous architectural structures in Greece is the church, Paraportiani, this is located near the main harbour entrance. The church comprises 5 individual churches constructed at different times.

Cruises to Mykonos
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