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Cruises to Villefranche

A delightful port of call

Cruise lines calling at Villefranche include P&OMarella CruisesDisney and Fred Olsen.

Cruises to Villefranche allow the visitor to admire one of the most sheltered and beautiful bays along the south coast of France.

Your ship will drop anchor in the bay, giving you a wonderful 180 degree panoramic view of Villefranche and the surrounding hills.


Cruises to Villefranche - tender boats

Cruises to Villefranche – tender boats


You will be taken by tender, past a variety of rather nice yachts, to the port, which is just a few minutes’ walk from the town centre.

Villefranche Terminal and Tender Dock

Villefranche Terminal and Tender Dock

Cruises to Villefranche - tender port

Tender Dock

There are several options of how to spend a day in Villefranche.

The town centre itself is pleasant to stroll around with narrow shady streets and a selection of attractive shops and restaurants.

Some of the streets are quite steep as can be seen in the photo.

There is also a beach (turn right when you get off the tender and keep going) where it is possible to swim. It is not sandy, but fine gravel, nor is it large, so it can get rather crowded , but it shelves gently into the sea and so is ideal for swimming.


Steep Streets of Villefranche

Steep Streets of Villefranche

Villa Ephrussi de Rothschild

You can take a taxi to the Villa Ephrussi de Rothschild.

If you like looking round historic properties and stately homes and gardens then you will enjoy visiting the Villa Ephrussi.

There are musical fountains in the gardens which perform every 20 minutes and you will find beautiful views of the bay and probably of your cruise ship.


Villa Ephrussi fountains

Villa Ephrussi fountains

Villa Ephrussi Villefranche map

Villa Ephrussi map

Trains run from Villefranche west to Nice and east to Monte Carlo.

The station, Villefranche sur Mer, is not far from the tender drop off point.

Villefranche station is behind the beach and is accessed by the steps behind the Carpaccio restaurant (see map).


You will need to buy tickets before you board (only a few euros) and make sure that you are ready to board and on the right platform as the trains do not stop for long.

The journey to Nice-Ville is about 7 mins and to Monte Carlo about 15 mins.



TOP TIP for 

Cruises to Villefranche:

Take a taxi to the Villa Ephrussi and return to Villefranche for a stroll around town and a leisurely lunch.




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