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Our first ever balcony cabin

Our first ever balcony cabin – was it worth it?

We’ve now been on 18 cruises and are great advocates of booking an inside cabin for all sorts of reasons. See our previous blog 7 Reasons To Book An Inside Cabin.

We’d never really experienced scenery depravation on our previous ocean cruises. As most of the travelling was out at sea and at night. However, on our first Norwegian Fjord cruise in 2013 we did occasionally find it a little frustrating that we couldn’t see what we knew to be the wonderful scenery unfolding outside.

Norwegian Cruise Balcony Cabin view
Balcony Cabin view

Sailing into the fjords in the early morning and then back out again in the evening, just when we needed to be in our cabin getting ready for breakfast or dinner was a very frustrating experience for scenery addicts!   We promised ourselves that if we ever went back to the Fjords we would treat ourselves to a room with a view. And what a view!

Norway Fjords from cruise balcony
Norway Fjords from cruise balcony

When we finally booked our second Norwegian Fjord cruise on P&O Arcadia, it had to be a balcony cabin, at extra expense, of course.

Was it worth it?

What we loved:

  • Daylight – lots of it, all day and a large part of the night. The sun was setting about midnight and rising again at about 3.30am. No cabin lights for us.
  • Views – again, lots of them, all day, a large part of the night and all fabulous.
  • Being able to watch the spectacular fjord scenery from first awaking (one morning at 3.30am) without having to dress and leave the comfort of the cabin.
  • Use of our in-cabin binoculars and atlas
  • Not having to search the open decks for somewhere quiet, peaceful and comfortable to sit.
  • Privacy – our own little private space where we could sit in comfort at any time of day or night, either inside or out, and watch the world go by.
Cruise Cost - PO Cruises Balcony cabin

What we didn’t love:

  • Our cabin was near the end of the ship on quite a high deck so it was a bit more ‘rock & roll’ than we were used to in our inside cabins.
  • Although our neighbours were generally a considerate bunch. It was possible to overhear conversations and at times the noise of doors banging and furniture being moved around on the balconies was quite loud.
  • We didn’t spend as much time on the open decks, retreating to our balcony for an hour or so most afternoons, so we did less socialising.
  • Privacy only went so far. We were wary of conversations (see above) and reflections in the balcony screen being shared with your neighbours.

Admittedly we booked rather late with P&O Cruises and got a good price for our balcony cabin.

We were also celebrating a special anniversary. So as a one off, possibly never to be repeated, luxurious treat, of course it was worth it.

Would we book a balcony again? Very possibly, given the right price of course!

Find to more about balcony cabins with P&O Cruises, Royal Caribbean, or Fred Olsen Cruises.

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