Mediterranean Cruise Advice

Cruise Accessories

There are certain cruise accessories that we’ve found to be very useful during our cruises. Some of these are shown below together with links to the products on Amazon, should you wish to take them with you on your next vacation.

Luggage Tags

Most cruise lines now ask passengers to print their own luggage labels. Unfortunately the paper used in home printers is not always the strongest.

So, we’re always worried that the labels will fall off before the luggage has reached our stateroom.

We like these Cruise Luggage Tags Holders, which make sure the luggage labels stay attached to our bag while it’s being loaded on to the ship and delivered to the right cabin.

Beach Towel Clips

With gentle breezes the norm on cruise ships, your beach towel can easily keep falling down off your sun lounger. These Beach Towel Clips will keep your towel in place whether you’re relaxing in the sun or taking a stroll to the buffet.

Ear Plugs and Eye Shields

A good sleep is important for getting the most out of your cruise whether at night or a daytime snooze on deck. On a ship full of people, however, there’s sometimes more noise than is ideal. Your cabin maybe near the stairways/lifts or beneath the nightclub, for example. Earplugs can be useful to take with you to block out background noise and so aid a good night’s sleep.

Early summer sunrises can be an issue in an outside cabin where the curtains/blinds do not completely block out the light. Not a problem if you are an early riser ready to hit the gym or go for a run round the deck, but if you are looking for a lie in then these eye shields might prove to be very useful.

Fridge Magnets

This may seem a strange item to take on a cruise, however we have found a couple of fridge magnets a very useful addition to our packing. Once onboard you will receive a daily newspaper, sometimes referred to as the Cruise News, to let you what is happening that day together with special offers for the spa, invite to the Captain’s cocktail party etc. We use the magnets to stick these to the wall in our cabin (most walls are metallic), these means we never loose that vital piece of paper and they don’t take up room on the limited dressing table space.

Over Door Hanging Organiser

These over door hanging organisers are a great way of keeping all those small items in an easy to find and see location.

There is never much room in a cruise cabin. You will find a few drawers for clothes and a wardrobe for your hanging items. However, it is those smaller items e.g. wallet, sun cream, phone etc. that end up sitting on top of the dressing area.

There are a range of organisers available with different number and size of pockets to suit all your needs.

They pack flat in your case and can be put up in a few seconds.

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