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A Visit to Powis Castle

Powis Castle, 1 mile from Welshpool, Wales, stands high on a rock overlooking its spectacular garden, with far reaching views of the surrounding landscape. Beginning life as a medieval fortress built to control the border with England, it has been modified over 400 years into a comfortable country mansion which was given to the National Trust in 1952.

National Trust

Everything about Powis Castle is imposing, from the courtyard entrance and terrace gardens to the floral borders and stunning topiary. The interior of the castle is magnificent. Although photography was not allowed we can report that the rooms and their contents were fascinating and full of history, which was enthusiastically explained by the room stewards.

Photography was allowed outside however, so see below for our garden tour……

The courtyard entrance

Powis Castle - Courtyard
Powis Castle – Courtyard

Spectacular views across the Welsh countryside.

Powis Castle with spectacular views

You will even come across some wandering peacocks

Powis Castle Peacock

Check out the Terrace Gardens

The Terrace Gardens are an easy stroll with some stunning floral displays.

Terrace Gardens
Terrace Statues

Incredible topiary, almost 300 years old. It takes 10 weeks to complete its annual trim.

Powis Castle Topiary

Stunning floral borders

Powis Castle Floral Borders
Powis Castle Holiday Let

When you finally get to the very far flung reaches of the garden there is a coffee shop, a fine gate….

Powis Castle Gates

…some very welcome deckchairs….

Powis Castle Deckchairs

….and a wonderful view of the Castle itself.

View of Powis Castle

Parts of the castle unfortunately have restricted access due to its historic nature. There is a very large car park with a dedicated area closer to the entrance for anyone with mobility issues. An access vehicle will pick up from the car park and drop off both at the castle entrance and the lower garden. There is also a step free route around the garden.

We were on our way home from South Wales to the North West when we visited Powis Castle so only spent about 3 hours there. We didn’t get time to visit the Clive Museum, with its exhibition of Indian treasures and would liked to have spent more time in both the house and gardens. On a nice day, punctuated with a visit to the restaurant or a picnic on the lawn this would definitely be a full day out. Highly recommended.

For further information see the National Trust website.

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