Mediterranean Cruise Advice

7 Reasons To Book An Inside Cabin

Many seasoned cruisers prefer inside cabins. We’ve been converted.

Inside cabin on Cunard Queen Elizabeth
Inside cabin on Cunard Queen Elizabeth

Here’s why….

Inside cabins feel less like being at sea

Not all passengers love being in the middle of the ocean at night. It’s great when you are enjoying the fine dining and sparkling entertainment, but for some, sleeping in such close proximity to the sea can be difficult. Its easier to forget the sea from an inside cabin. Once the lights are out, you could almost be in a normal hotel room – one that rocks you to sleep, that is!

Inside cabins are darker

The early morning light of the Mediterranean can be wonderful, but not if it’s sneaking, uninvited and way too early, through the curtains at your window. Inside cabins are ideal for morning lie-ins, especially on sea days, allowing you to fully recover from heavy sightseeing days and partying nights.

Inside cabins = less rock and roll

Normally the inside cabins are closer to the centre of the ship and so less liable to movement. If you don’t have good sea legs, choose a cabin that is on a lower deck, towards the middle of the ship.

Inside cabins can be more spacious or more interesting

Space is at a premium in cabins; some inside cabins can be particularly spacious having been built to fit around the internal workings of the ship. Deck plans can help you to find these.

Inside cabins are quieter in the morning

On one memorable cruise, we were woken up every morning by the gangway being lowered noisily outside our window. Our children, however, took great delight in repeatedly telling us how well they had slept in their peaceful inside cabin.

Inside cabins are quieter during bad weather

We discovered the delights of the Atlantic in April from a cabin at the very front of the ship. The sea was rough and as our ship pitched and rolled its way through the night towards Morocco, the waves crashed rhythmically and noisily against our cabin wall. All night. I would happily have swapped that window for the relative calm of an inside cabin.

Inside cabins are cheaper

No doubt about it, adding on a window or a balcony to your cabin will hike up the price. Great if that’s what you want and can afford it. But if budget is an issue, you’ll find plenty of places on deck to relax, enjoy the scenery and plan how to spend all the money you’ve saved.

We’re sold, how about you?

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