Mediterranean Cruise Advice

5 tips for choosing your Mediterranean cruise

Our top tips for choosing your Mediterranean Cruise is to decide on the answers to these 5 questions; When? Where? How? Which? and When?

tips for choosing your Mediterranean Cruise - P and O Azura
P and O Azura

Then prioritise according to your requirements:


If you are not fixed to school holidays June, July and September are good options. The temperatures in June may be fresher than July and August, with long midsummer days, whereas in September even Mediterranean areas are mellowing into Autumn as temperatures drop and the days shorten. Perfect if you like to watch the sunset with your pre-dinner cocktail in hand. May can also be a nice month to travel, especially if you don’t like the heat.


Western Mediterranean cruises will call at must-see city ports such as Barcelona, Cannes, Naples as well as ports for Rome, Pisa and Florence. Eastern Mediterranean cruises will visit cities such as Venice, Dubrovnik and Athens as well as the more relaxed ports of Turkey and the Greek islands.


Ex-UK or fly cruise? Cruises departing from the UK will generally visit Atlantic and Western Mediterranean ports and will involve several days at sea. Flying to your port of embarkation will get you to the sun quicker, with less days at sea and more days to explore new and exciting ports at the eastern edge of the Mediterranean.


You may have a favourite cruise line or ship, and be happy to go wherever that takes you. If not, would you prefer a large floating palace, full of state of the art facilities or a smaller, less snazzy ship, with a more homely feel? Look at brochures, websites and review sites, but also make use of any cruising friends you may have. What have they liked or disliked about ships they have sailed on? Its probable that no ship will be perfect for you, but increase the chance by advance research.

When to book?

Looking forward to a cruise can be just as much fun as the cruise itself. If that’s for you, book as soon as possible for maximum benefit. This can also be a good move cost-wise, as many cruise lines have deals and all-inclusive offers early in the year. Waiting will not necessarily get you a better deal and the cruise you want may even sell out. If you are flexible in your dates, locations and cruise lines and have plenty of time to keep an eye out for last minute offers, then enjoy the chase and who knows what adventures will lie in store?

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