Mediterranean Cruise Advice

5 Reasons to cruise

Cruising is our favourite type of holiday for lots of reasons, not always the obvious ones!  Here are our top five reasons to cruise:

Trevi Fountain Rome
Trevi Fountain, Rome

1. A new destination every day

What better for those of us with wanderlust than to wake up each morning with a new port to explore and best of all, someone else does the driving! Although occasionally frustrating to be limited to one day, it’s a good way of building up a list of places to return to.

2. Lots of ‘must sees’ ticked in one 

A Mediterranean cruise is particularly ideal for ticking off all those famous ‘must see’ sights. How else can you see the delights of Barcelona, Naples, Rome, Dubrovnik and Venice in one trip?

Vatican, Cruises to Rome
Vatican Rome
Dubrovnik Red Roofs
Dubrovnik Red Roofs
Venice Gondola
Venice Gondola

3. Scenic sail aways

Unique to cruising, and indeed to each port, sail aways demand your presence on deck. Firstly to enjoy the entertainment of watching the ship being made ready for departure (in smaller ports this can be at the hands of one man and a bicycle who is only to happy to take a bow when finished!) and secondly to enjoy the scenery that you probably missed when the ship docked early that morning. Even if you did make it up on deck for sail in, the early evening light creates a very different experience, with potential for some amazing photos. Apart from that you’ll be going the other way!

Cruises to Corfu Sunset
Cruises to Corfu Sunset

4. Spectacular sunsets

For those of us that live in towns and cities, a scenic sunset can sometimes be frustratingly out of reach. On a cruise ship, the only thing between you and the setting sun is the ocean and possibly a cocktail or two. If you are lucky enough to squeeze a Greek island into your view then all the better.

Our best ever cruise sunsets have, to our surprise, been on the North Sea en route from the UK to the Norwegian Fjords. 360 degrees of fiery red sky. Doesn’t get better than that!

5.Snoozing on deck

Partying all night, sightseeing all day? An afternoon snooze in the fresh sea air (whether on your balcony or in a quiet spot on deck) is vital for keeping up with the pace of cruising life. Usually slotting in nicely between afternoon tea and sail away, this is one of our most looked forward to cruising treats!

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