Mediterranean Cruise Advice

Why Cruise?

Why Cruise? Ask cruise fans this question and you will get a host of different answers.  Since our first cruise we just keep adding to our list of reasons. This page explains just some of them.

1. A new destination every day

If you like touring and the excitement of new places you will like cruising. Wake up in a new place every morning, best of all someone else does the driving!


Rome Colosseum

Colosseum, Rome


2. Lots of ‘must sees’ ticked in one go

When we returned from our first Mediterranean Cruise we could not believe how many places on our ‘must see’ list we had visited. It would have taken us years to have seen all of these sights on traditional land-based holidays.


Rialto Bridge Venice

Rialto Bridge Venice

3. The sunsets

We live near the coast and like to watch sunsets, but even so love having the opportunity to watch an uninterrupted sunset every evening with a cocktail in one hand and a camera in the other. The light can be very special at this time of the evening resulting in some stunning photographs for the album.


Sunset after leaving Naples

Sunset after leaving Naples

4. Food

Cruises are generally renowned for the quantity, quality and variety of food available. Whether you choose formal dining or buffet-style it is great not to have to shop, menu plan or cook.


Sachertorte - cruise style

Sachertorte – cruise style


Water Melon Sculpture

Water Melon Sculpture


5. Midnight buffets

Many cruise lines will provide a special midnight buffet during the journey such as a Chocolate Buffet or a ‘Buffet Magnifique’ with amazing food creations that really do need to be photographed before being sampled.  Always a big hit with any teenagers in our party before they head off to the nightclub.


Why Cruise - Midnight buffet

Midnight Buffet


6. Sail aways

Being on deck for sail away is often an entertainment in itself, differing with each port. First there is the untying of the ropes which, depending on the size of the port, may involve just one person on a bicycle, ever ready to take a bow when their job is done! You may then marvel at the crew’s navigational skills as they manoeuvre the ship out of what sometimes seem like very tight places and watch as landmarks disappear into the distance as you take to the high seas once more.


sail away

Sail Out



Whilst not offering the scenic views of a river cruise, a place on deck will offer an elevated view of any port, with some being more picturesque than others. Our favourites are Villefranche, Corfu and Marmaris.  Many ports offer the opportunity when ashore to access a viewpoint whether by road, on foot or cable car.  These will often give you a good view of the surrounding coast and your cruise ship, perfect for a souvenir photograph.


Sunset from Dubrovnik

Sunset from Dubrovnik

8. Snoozing on deck

No matter how much it may seem like a good idea, we are rarely able to sleep during the day on holiday. There is something about a cruise that makes this easy! Perhaps it’s the good food, late nights, busy days ashore or more likely a combination, but snoozing on deck after a morning walk around a new port and a good lunch, is one of our secret cruising pleasures.


Relaxing on deck

Relaxing on deck


9. Cocktails

If you are lucky enough to bag an ‘all inclusive’ bargain you will be able to work your way guilt-free through the cocktail menu. Obviously many other drinks are available, but there is something about a tall glass of brightly coloured fruit juice, paper umbrella and a glacé cherry that just screams ‘I’m on holiday’!


Cruise Cocktails

Cruise Cocktails

10. Entertainment

Most cruise ships will provide a variety of entertainment, both day and night time. You will be able to choose from daytime activities such as poolside quizzes, dance classes and art auctions to evening West End style shows, comedy acts and films.


Cruise entertainment team

Cruise entertainment team


11. Towel Animals

Much loved by children, it is great fun to return to your cabin after a day out to be greeted by the latest towel animal creation. Will it be a pair of swans gliding across the bed or a cheeky monkey hanging from the window?

Towel Animals

Towel Animals

12. Peace and quiet

It is possible to find peace and quiet on a cruise ship! No problem when the ship is docked, particularly in a popular port when most people want to leave the ship. There are, however, quiet corners to be found, even on days at sea when there is a full complement of passengers on board.


peace and quiet

peace and quiet

13. People watching

If you enjoy this pastime you will have plenty of opportunity to practice it on a cruise, both on board and ashore. Cruising attracts people from a wide variety of nationalities so watch and learn.


14. Mental relaxation

We spend so much time in an average day making decisions about all sorts of things, even trivial issues such as what to wear, what to eat, where to go, that the opportunity not to have to do too much thinking for a week or two is very welcome. On a cruise the itinerary is planned, the scenery constantly changes, someone else drives, food is put in front of us and we are entertained every night. For us, the perfect holiday. What about you?

Hopefully we have given you some good answers to Why Cruise?




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