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Cruises to Vigo

Cruises to Vigo allow cruise ships to dock centrally in the town so there is no need for a shuttle.

The approach to the Spanish coastline from the northwest in the early morning sunshine is very pleasant. Your cruise ship will pass through the Canal del Norte and up the Ria de Vigo before docking.

If you don’t fancy the early start, then make sure you are on deck for the sail out past the Cies Island of Vigo before heading off into the Atlantic.

Vigo Sail Out

Excursion coaches line up next to the cruise terminal. The most popular excursion from Vigo is to Santiago de Compostela which is situated 96km north of Vigo.

Cathedral Santiago de Compostela

Cathedral Santiago de Compostela

This journey takes approximately 1.5 hours each way.

Vigo Cruise Terminal - Cruises to Vigo

Vigo Cruise Terminal

Excursion Coaches at Vigo Cruise terminal - Cruises to Vigo

Excursion Coaches at Vigo Cruise terminal

You can have a pleasant stroll along the quayside around the harbour. Look out for the unusual statue of Jules Verne.


Jules Verne Statue - Cruises to Vigo

Jules Verne Statue

You may also spot a few other fearsome creatures en route.


Dinosaur Statues Vigo

Dinosaur Statues

Vigo and the surrounding area has been the target for many naval attacks including from Sir Francis Drake.

Today the best views over the city and bay are from the now peaceful defensive fort (Castillo del Castro) on the hill overlooking the harbour.

The walk up to the fort is quite hilly but you can take it relatively easy as the route winds through the old town.

You will pass The Church of Santa Maria (Concatedral de Santa Maria) built in 1811. The Church of Santa María houses the image of the Cristo de la Victoria, arguably Vigo’s most important religious emblem.

Vigo Cathedral

Vigo Cathedral

If you want to cheat then we did find these escalators when we came down the hill. These can be found at Praza Ports do Sol.

Vigo Escalators


The climb to the top of the fort is well worthwhile for the best views over the bay and very pleasant gardens.

Castillo del Castro Gardens

Castillo del Castro Gardens

View from Castillo del Castro

View from Castillo del Castro

Garden Fountains Castillo del Castro

Garden Fountains Castillo del Castro


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